When Terry Wogan played Red Hurley’s recording of ‘How Great Thou Art’ on his Radio 2 breakfast show the station was inundated with emails from listeners enthusing about the record.....

......... Dave the HGV driver on the M27” had to “pull over while the song was been played it had touched him so much." A subsequent play a few days later elicited a similarly enthusiastic response from both the listeners and Terry who pronounced that Red has “a magnificent, tremendous voice”

A prolific hit maker in his native Ireland, Red has spent an impressive total of 140 weeks on the Irish charts. He has a rich powerful voice and has been compared to many successful contemporary artists but "How Great Thou Art" highlights Red's breathtaking individual performance perfectly. Without a doubt a song of inspiration and unquestionably a song of peace and reassuring solace, "How Great Thou Art" is but one example of the treats that are to be found on this  album.

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